UNC vs. Dook Gamewatch Round 1:NOT in our house! Battle of the Blue Bloods!

Take the Red Sox-Yankees, Alabama-Auburn, Ohio State-Michigan and any other rivalry that is a worthy competitor, but none of them equal the Duke-North Carolina basketball rivalry. None of them.

Duke and North Carolina is the greatest rivalry in American sports because it offers the fiercest level of competition between teams that are loaded with future NBA talent and almost annually are in contention for national championships. And they do this exercising integrity that has been slowly slipping away in all walks of American life for a long time now, and at an alarming rate in sports.” – Andrew Jones, Fox Sports 

Dook! “You spelled it wrong” -says everyone- they don’t get it! They didn’t go to Carolina. Others think they “HATE” Dook. They don’t.  Playing them once every few years just doesn’t cut it! Try every year, for decades! Decades of 1pt games, buzzer beaters and overtimes!   Blood, broken noses, more blood  & fights! Rankings thrown out the door! Our hearts beat faster than we can imagine, sick to our stomachs, and rage & anger like no other game! Yes folks, it’s Carolina vs Dook! And all of those feeling will emerge as soon as you don on your game day outfit!

This is it, the “Hottest Rivalry” in college basketball! This is what we’ve waited ALL year for! The first matchup between our beloved Tar Heels and that other blue team 8 miles down the road. On February 17th, come to Buffalo Billiards in DuPont Circle and join fellow DC area Tar Heels as we cheer on Roy’s Boys. Game tips at 9pm however, this is always our biggest event of the year so come out early to grab a seat. You will feel like you are in Chapel Hill as you cheer and celebrate with 300+ Carolina fans!!!???



February 17, 2016
8:00 pm — 11:00 pm
Buffalo Billiards 1330 19th St NW Washington DC 20036