UNC vs The Dookies Game Watch Round 2: The Devils go down in Durham!!



It almost seems cruel to have to go through this again only 17 days later. Fans, coaches, players & analysts are still trying to figure out that first game! That is why this rivalry is too good to only happen once a year! Once again, we will don on our favorite UNC shirt, put a heel on our face and scream, “Beat Dook!” Our stomachs will turn, our hearts will beat beyond control, hatred & rage will emerge!

This time, the Heels will be taking down The Devils in Durham! Carolina will march into Cameron and silence the Cameron Crazies!!!!!! This is their revenge game.

None of us really want to step foot into Cameron and actually witness 1000 “spirit fingers”! Worry no more-The DC Carolina Club will bring Chapel Hill to you! 400+Carolina faithful alumns, Blue Cups and more!

 The first 20 GAA members who arrive will receive argyle socks or a koozie, so bring your membership card! Looking forward to watching the Heels ruin Senior Night at Cameron! Go Heels!


This is one game you don’t want to miss!


March 5, 2016
6:30 pm
Buffalo Billiards 1330 19th St NW Washington DC 20036